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5 Ways Veteran Families Can Find Connection Over the Holidays

3 Feb 2022 1:45 PM | Anonymous member (Administrator)

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Guest Post Article by Kelli Brewer. Kelli, from the Deploy Care website, returns with another article that benefits the veteran community. Here is her article, and we thank her for her continued contributions!

Perhaps you settled down in another country after completing your military service. Or maybe your experiences in the military have inspired your children to pursue the same path, and now, you’re spending the holidays in different countries.

For veterans and their families, spending the holiday season apart can be tough. Joining an organization like The Ellis County Detachment 1452 can help you meet people who understand what you’re going through! In the meantime, here are a few tips on connecting with your family during the holidays while enjoying time with your local community.

Send Cash Gifts

Sometimes, cash is the best holiday gift. Instead of trying to guess what your family wants, your relatives can use the money to purchase whatever they need! But when sending money to relatives abroad, you may not want to use a typical payment platform or rely on an international wire transfer, as these options can get quite expensive. A reputable, budget-friendly service like Remitly could be a better choice. For instance, if you’re sending money to the Philippines, an instant transfer will only run you $3.99, and you won’t have any fees for three- to five-day transfers.

Create Care Packages

The holidays are a time for gift-giving, so consider putting together a special care package for your loved ones. If you’re choosing gifts for a deployed family member, Hero Care Packages recommends including hand warmers, air fresheners, DVDs of their favorite TV shows, snacks, and photographs from home. Before sending your package, it’s important to choose an affordable courier service that ships to the country where your loved ones live. For example, you can use a service like NEX to ship packages from the US to Japan.

If you send your loved ones a care package, you might want to schedule a video chat so that you can see their joy when they open it! Make sure that you and your loved one have access to WiFi with a strong signal, and choose a reliable video call service like Zoom. If you’ll be chatting with senior loved ones, be patient and offer helpful pointers as they set up the program.


When you miss your family, focusing on giving back to the place you live now can help boost your mood. Consider volunteering with a charitable organization over the holidays. If you’re not sure where to start, Nation Swell recommends donating used coats to clothing drives, helping out an animal shelter, or simply asking your local friends if they know of any reputable organizations that they would recommend volunteering with.

Attend Local Events

Perhaps you wish that you could get together with your family for your traditional holiday gatherings. But if this isn’t possible, you could attend some fun local events instead! There might be a holiday festival or parade that you can check out - feel free to ask your local friends to join you.

Plan Future Trips

If you and your loved ones aren’t able to see each other in person this holiday season, you can ease the pain of separation by planning for a future trip. Maybe you could travel to visit your family, or they could come to see you. It never hurts to start researching flight prices - you could cover the cost as a gift to your relatives!

If you’re a veteran from a military family, you and your loved ones might be separated by borders this holiday season. But by connecting with your own community while making time to show your family your appreciation, you can make the best of it. With these tips, you’ll have a memorable holiday season!

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