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Preparing for Politics as a Disabled Veteran

15 Sep 2022 10:34 AM | Anonymous member (Administrator)

Guest post: By Brittany Fisher, from FinanciallyWell.Info

If you are thinking about a run for office, you are probably someone who cares deeply about civic issues, enjoys interacting with a variety of people, and has an interest in helping your community. Those are all great skills for a future politician. However, as a veteran with a disability, you have additional insight into the ways the city handles disability-related needs, which could be an asset for guiding decision-making.

During the early part of your path toward politics, consider the values that influence your life and create strategies to communicate those values to constituents. The Ellis County Det. 1452, Marine Corps League shares some additional tips to help you get your voice heard!

Identifying Your Political Values

It can be difficult to summarize one’s values as they are usually diverse and multi-layered. Think specifically of what you value about your town, city, or state. What aspects do you wish to protect? Through your lens as a person with a disability, identify some of the areas of need that would make things more amenable to all citizens, including those with varying disabilities.

How will you put your values into action? Often, citizens become wary of political promises, but if you are speaking from your core value system and offer your ideas in the form of action, people may be less skeptical of your follow-through. Try to be as transparent as possible in your approach to political office, and make sure your points are concise and simple. A campaign manager and public relations professional are valuable assets throughout the journey—their assistance can deeply impact your success.

Building Your Team

Whether you identify as a Democrat, Republican, or Independent, having a skilled campaign manager is crucial for success. Numero explains that campaign managers can organize your time, help you gain supporters for your campaign, rally volunteers to assist with the placement of posters, track donations and make a zillion other necessary tasks happen. Trying to run for office without a campaign manager would put you behind the curve since it would require you to balance all these tasks simultaneously.

Washington Women in Public Relations points out that public relations is another crucial aspect of your political journey. Your campaign manager can assist with some aspects of public relations, but having a dedicated PR specialist will ensure that you are on track with your communications with constituents. An experienced PR manager can assist you with making wise decisions about speaking engagements. They can also help structure your speeches in a way that demonstrates your values and plans to help your future constituents.

Hiring a campaign manager and public relations assistant with an understanding of disability needs and rights will be helpful as you advocate for your city. When you interview prospective team members, be sure to ask about their experience and understanding to ensure that they can adequately support your efforts.

Paying Your Team

Payroll services can be a valuable asset for any political campaign, large or small. By outsourcing tasks for managing your payroll, campaigns can free up staff time to focus on more important tasks, such as voter outreach and fundraising. In addition, using a payroll service can help to ensure that all campaign workers are paid accurately and on time. Furthermore, many payroll services offer a variety of additional features, such as direct deposit and online pay stubs, that can make life easier for both campaigns and employees.

Preparing for Your Political Run

Prior to throwing your proverbial hat into the ring, take some time to prepare yourself emotionally. Political campaigns are equal parts exhilaration, fatigue, and sheer determination. You will spend a lot of time defending your position on a range of topics and many hours simply talking to constituents, listening to concerns, and trying to determine how your foray into politics can assist the citizens of your district.

You’ll need to prepare campaign photos. These photos will be helpful for all promotional material related to your campaign and candidacy. Depending on the office you’re running for, you may rely on the skills and technology available to you and your staff. It is wise, however, to use professional photography services if you can.


Getting word out about your intent to run for office is important at this stage. Much like marketing and networking in business, word of mouth goes a long way when it comes to messaging and building excitement. Work with your inner circles first, then branch out to distant friends and past colleagues you’ve not talked to in a while. Posting your message on social media is the next logical step, as you’ll be able to reach scores of people in the community and beyond. And this is a task you can do yourself. For example, you can create a Facebook ad using free tools on the internet. Simply go online and use editable templates to customize your ad with your logo, photos, and unique message, then, in no time, you’ll be able to upload it to the popular platform.

It never hurts to strike up a conversation with new people. Get as many people as you can in your camp, as this will pay off in not just influencing the citizenry but garnering financial support, too.

You can make a difference in the way your constituents live and work. As a veteran with a disability, your input is a valuable voice to make positive changes that could improve the lives of all citizens. It is vital to have representation that understands the needs of many—perhaps you are that person.

The Ellis County Det. 1452, Marine Corps League offers several programs and services that in one way or another benefit all members, Veterans that are not members, and community members and organizations. Contact us today to learn more! 469.894.2023

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