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Individuals >>

Donate to the cause financially, in-kind or by becoming a partner as a Volunteer Ambassador (see below). Working with fellow community members will allow success all around.

Churches >>

Partner with the Marine Corps League to bring the love of Christ in action to the County's Veterans. Allow us to serve you in supporting Veterans in your congregation.

Businesses >>

Promote your company's commitment to compassion and generosity while working to help solve Veteran issues throughout our community. Multiple organizations coming together create stronger impact.

Volunteer Ambassadors

The Ellis County Detachment 1452 is made up of Regular and Associate members, as well as a team of Detachment Ambassadors. Maybe you have anywhere from 20 minutes to multiple hours a day or a week you want to use for a positive purpose. If so, please consider volunteering with the Detachment to help create change in our County!


Do you have a gift to tell compelling stories? We need people to work as a team continuing to tell the stories of our members, especially as the older generations are dying out, and so are their stories! The intent is to engage potential Detachment partners who are hoping to make an impact in the lives of others and may play a part in spreading these stories. We are seeking Detachment Volunteer Ambassadors to tell true, life-changing stories. Are you a professional story teller? You don’t need to be in order to do your part in our community.


Are you a social media addict, connected with friends and family on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn? We have a job for you! Help us share stories and messages of change all over the world through your social media channels. The Detachment’s stories are incredible, and with your help we can share the impact our members, donors and partners are making.


Marketing professionals are in every sector of the business and nonprofit worlds. Innovative Digital Marketers who take on the challenge of developing and executing digital marketing strategy and can translate the brand's vision into a digital marketing plan are necessary for any organization to be successful  in displaying their vision and mission to the community at large. Do you have experience in this area and would you be willing to utilize those skills for the furtherance of our cause? Jump on board and lets work together to not only highlight your skills, but showcase the Detachment like never before. 

 Do you have skills or just a drive to do something with your talents that would benefit an organization that helps Veterans and community members throughout the Ellis County area? You may not realize just how much of an impact that you can make until you take that leap of faith to make it happen. Step out on a limb and lets see what we can do together!  

Commandant, Robert Bell (August 2018)

We have Detachment Ambassadors throughout the County, in certain areas of interest, but we are looking to further this program in all areas of need. Is it time for you to be a Detachment Ambassador? Give us a shout at and we will get you started!

Bugle Calls to Action: (click the links below to learn more)

About us

The Ellis County Det. 1452 is a 501(c)(4) tax-exempt nonprofit corporation (Federal Tax Id: 81-5103004) founded in Ennis, Texas, and is a subordinate organization of the Marine Corps League Inc. with a special group tax exemption (Group Exemption Number: 0955).

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Join with others who want to make a difference in the lives of Veterans in and around Ellis County, Texas.
Join with others who want to make a difference in the lives of Veterans in and around Ellis County, Texas.

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Official Mailing Address:

3804 Lake Bardwell Drive  Ennis, Texas 75119

Phone: 469.894.2023

Veterans Organization in Ellis County, TX

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