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Why Replacing our Newsletter With a Blog is a Good Idea

20 Sep 2018 5:13 PM | Anonymous member (Administrator)

What is a Blog anyways? A Blog is a website or web page on which an individual records opinions, links to other sites, etc. on a regular basis. A blog post is a "news article" that is published within the blog and blog posts are usually posted on a regular basis, blog dependent.

Social Media Has Changed Everything

Back in the day the online newsletter (hard copy, typically sent out in an email) was the way to go as organizations would ask their readers to subscribe to their content to receive continual updates. This allowed the organization to sneak in opportunities for sales pitches as they would be able to follow up again and again. 

Simply because the organizations were able to stay in touch, this was a dynamic way to get the most visibility with the least amount of money and work. Now days, those that survive off of newsletters are potentially missing out on a large portion of their subscribers. Why is this the case? In the past, publishing anything was a one way street. With today's technology our readers are able to respond back to us by leaving comments, sharing with their friends and linking to our content through their own blogs and websites.

Thanks to social media it is easier than ever to grow by word of mouth. If your readers like what you publish they will share it with their friends and their social networks, sending you hundreds if not thousands of new visitors for every article you post. Now you can know instantly what your readers think of your content by the feedback that they provide.

When a reader forwards an email newsletter onto a friend that typically exposes you to one person; however, when someone shares your content on social media it is spread throughout a larger audience enhancing your chances of a larger audience base. 

Technological Advancements

Here in the Ellis County Marine Corps League Detachment 1452, that's exactly what we are striving to do. We want to reach more people for our cause and bring potential partners on board to continue our mission into the future. This Blog is our way of the future and we need you to help us achieve this sustainable goal. Awareness is the number one thing that supporters of any organization needs in order to make a well thought out decision on whether or not to provide support.

Nonprofits the world over struggle to stand out in the crowd and to get their voices heard amongst the chatter. A Blog post written by Mike McGrail at SproutSocial titled “5 Reasons Blogging is Absolutely Vital for Charities and Nonprofits” stated that To be truly effective in social media, organizations need to be creating regular and relevant content that will engage with their audiences on a deeper level than tweets or Facebook updates. A blog is great route to achieving this.” The 5 points in this post are: 1) A Blog Allows You to Add a Human Touch, 2) A Blog Allows You to Show the Effect of Your Work, 3) A Blog Allows You to Act Quickly, 4) A Blog Can Drive Donations and 5) A Blog Adds Value to Your Social Media Activities.

How the Detachment Will Move Forward Into the Future

It is no secret that social media is here to stay. A lot of the younger generations live off of social media while a lot of the older generations, not so much. A happy medium is the sweet spot that will deliver our news and information to those that wish to receive it. Blog posts (News articles) will be written and published to keep our audience in the loop and allowing them to be as involved with our mission as they want to be. Internal communications, between members of the Detachment, is the standard phone call, text, and email. This works well for where we stand now as a small nonprofit. External communications, to our audience primarily outside of the membership, will be via subscription to our mailing list through MailChimp. We will send email communications out that should continue to spark the interest of those wanting to know more about the Detachment. 

The Ellis County Detachment 1452, Marine Corps League Inc. is a 501(c)(4) nonprofit corporation that is tax exempt in the State of Texas and with the United States Internal Revenue Service (Group exemption code: 0955).

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